How to get a man to treat you right

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If you do not stand by what you want and need, who else is going to? Don't let the fear of a guy losing interest in you be the cause for you to clam up and say nothing. I am being very literal when I say that if someone disrespects you or hurts you, actually walk away.

How to get a man to treat you right

Respect him Yes, the Golden Rule applies here too. I will not respond to his text messages or phone calls—although usually, it's the lack of picking up the phone to call me that ends up being a complete turn-off. I can tell you, Not you. Ladies, I know that you may believe that being with a guy who treats you poorly is better than being alone, but it's not. But, who does that really benefit? You know how special and unique you are. Perhaps you don't respond back to random text messages that have no follow through—letting him know right away that until he has something worth saying, you have nothing to offer in return. Over the years I've watched my wife pick herself up after setbacks, and start each day with a smile. Sometimes knowing how you want to be treated can take time. Does he play games and exhibit endless drama? And so the cycle begins. Do it too often and too aggressively, and you'll just seem like hard work. Men are often expected to walk this very narrow relationship tightrope that makes a woman the center of his universe without crossing over into being needy. It can be as simple as a guy making all the right moves when he first meets you—buying you drinks at the bar, telling you how much he wants to see you again. Why wait until frustration has taken over or too much time has passed before communicating what is bothering you? Also know that if you have to scold every bad behavior you come across, it can become emotionally exhausting. This best-seller has great insights into men: So, having done the hard work and looked deep inside That depends on his ability to focus with you there and if you can fit in and be part of it instead of trying to distract him and become his main focus. Teaching a guy how to treat you isn't about barking orders at him or giving ultimatums. The spirit is more to bring something new to the relationship, to complement. You just have to know what you want and demand that. Does he speak to you respectively, or in a condescending manner? This is especially true if you're dating a nerdy guy. This may be necessary in the arena of work, but not with your guy. Perhaps it's important to you that he doesn't keep you waiting when you meet for a date. Another big step in teaching a guy how to treat you, is communication—in some form or another—talking preferably , through a text message, email or hand written letter, as long as you are able get your point across.

How to get a man to treat you right

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How to Act When a Man Doesn't Treat You Right? 7 Great Ways to Finally Get the Treatment You Want

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  1. I am being very literal when I say that if someone disrespects you or hurts you, actually walk away. Not make him respect you.

  2. You get to choose you, or choose someone else. But funnily enough it wouldn't be half as impressed by my wife doing the same.

  3. Regardless of how you discover your answer, determining your self-worth is imperative in maintaining a well-balanced life. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel a little special.

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