Lowes kailua kona

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I hired another contractor and he contacted the store. Nate Andrews from Wrens, GA Jun 28, 20 Plywood, on 28 June 18 i was at your lowe's to buy a 4ft X 4ft section of plywood and i was told that i could do that,but i would have to have an 8 ft. Jerry Lyons from Pittsburgh, PA Jul 06, 20 I have gone to two Lowes stores to get a quote on 12 pre hung interior doors and two sets of bifold doors for a project i have ongoing. We also just open a Lowes credit card but i fell i will take my business elsewhere. I called one time to customer service on toll free number, someone told me to hold phone for few minutes and then told me she will call me in 24 hours.

Lowes kailua kona

John from the delivery department called and informed me that it was more than likely I would not receive my appliances on the date which was promised. I hired another contractor and he contacted the store. Framing one of the the doors that was drywalled was bent and needed correction. He could give me no date on when it could be picked-up by Lowe's. I asked a liaison to send someone. The dishwasher arrived dented and the stove was damaged during installation. This change in staffing levels coincided with the new manager at Lowes. He eventually directed me to the appliance center to meet with a service representative. My appliances were delivered and placed during the installation. Is the store manager attempting to get a larger bonus by not staffing the floor properly? She was so professional and courteous. They made the problem go away for them but as oh June 30 I am still sitting in a construction zone. This was their mistake and our remodel now came to a halt. The service in which I received from your Lowes store in Rocky Mount was horrific. I said everything like where does the gas and oil go and she says we know nothing about the mowers we just sell them. My 1st buy credit card ending transaction was from out statement and the payment was shown to my local Lowe's office in Lexington, ky. Noone came to see the poor job. Now after a month and many visits to the store for the progress of the quote and still nothing in hand i have given up. I ordered some appliances for delivery on June 30, I called and spoke to 4 managers as well as the salesman who signed our contract. Even after been disconnected on the phone on three occasions, I awaited for Kate to give me a return call; no such luck. I told the liaison on the 28th to close my account and return my money. Upon my arrival at the store, the customer service staff was professional and courteous and even apologize for my inconvenience. We received no assistance on this matter and through our own research found it was sugar from years of drinks being knocked off out coffee table. Our contractor would not do the work because he found a spot on our floor that was too humid for floor placement. I called one time to customer service on toll free number, someone told me to hold phone for few minutes and then told me she will call me in 24 hours. We received the new floor approximately 3 weeks later.

Lowes kailua kona

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  1. Our salesperson said it would take about 4 weeks to begin and 3 to 4 weeks to complete. After 6 weeks of calling and at this point yelling the contractor returned on May 29th.

  2. If that is the reason, someone higher up should should have a little chat with him or just fire him for poor managing and selfish motives. Im not a pet hater or lover, but don't want to shop with dog licking my leg as I walk by.

  3. The sales person could not tell me any information about the mower and said well what do you need to know. After 12 calls in 4 weeks and speaking with 4 different mangers who all promised to take care of issue and call me back.

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