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Apart from the interested testimony of the drawer, no independent evidence was adduced to discharge the burden. Perusal of the record would show that in his examination under Section Cr. What however is essential is that the cheque must have been signed by the drawer. Even the alleged loan agreement copy of which is Ex. In view of the said presumption, when stating that a notice has been sent by registered post to the address of the drawer, it is unnecessary to further aver in the complaint that in spite of the return of the notice unserved, it is deemed to have been served or that the addressee is deemed to have knowledge of the notice.


Thus, there is a gap of almost five months between the dates mentioned on the documents. Abud Khan Page 3 of 30 the cheques back from the complainant. Abud Khan Page 20 of 30 friendly relations and that they had financial transactions between themselves. The witnesses were cross examined and CE was closed vide order dated Abud Khan Page 24 of 30 that the cheques were given as security for a loan of Rs. The law as laid down in relation to Negotiable Instrument Act is discussed in various judgments. The accused has been falsely implicated. The complainant has also examined Sh. The Hon'ble Supreme Court has discussed the law as under: In fact there is no alteration but only adding the amount and the date. The Hon'ble Supreme Court has held as under: Abud Khan Page 4 of 30 CW2. However, there is no evidence on record to prove that he had made these payments to complainant. In the present case, it has been proved that the complainant and the accused had financial dealings. In Maxwell's Interpretation of Statutes, the learned author has emphasised that 'provisions relating to giving of notice often receive liberal interpretation' vide p. He did not fill the particulars of the cheques. It is also proved that all the steps were taken by the complainant within the time provided by CC No. The complainant followed the accused regularly by visiting personally as well as on phone regarding the recovery of the abovesaid loan amount. The Hon'ble High Court has held as under: The DE was closed and the matter was fixed for final arguments. It is settled position of law that there is a presumption in favour of the complainant and against the accused. The witness had identified his signatures on Ex. They were having financial transactions. Then accused deposited Rs. The accused received a call from the complainant who told him that the complainant had left the chqeues in his vehicle. The words "bill of exchange" have been defined in Section 5 NI Act as "an instrument in writing containing an unconditional order, signed by the maker, directing a certain person to pay a certain sum of money only to, or to the order of, a certain person or to the bearer of the instrument.


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  1. The accused had taken a loan of Rs. Banks would normally see whether the instrument is that of the drawer and the cheque has been signed by the drawer himself.

  2. Why no complaint to police or any other legal authority was made. All these aspects have been highlighted and reiterated by this Court recently in Vinod Shivappa case [ 6 SCC

  3. The complainant had given in writing that he would return the cheques to the accused as and when the same were traceable. The complainant had stated that the cheques had been lost and same were not traceable.

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