Polo grounds field dimensions

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Unlike Throneberry, at least he touched them all. A year-old kid, firing straight into the air from a rooftop south of the Grounds while celebrating the Fourth. In , a partially inflated blimp hovering near the ballpark in adjacent Manhattan Field exploded, with parts of it igniting the wooden sheathing that topped the second deck.

Polo grounds field dimensions

Dusty Rhodes rounding first after hitting a home run over the short right field fence rear in the second game of the World Series One of the oddest features at the Polo Grounds were the deep dimensions in straight away center field. The upper deck followed suit, except for an extended portion down the right-field line which straightened out and continued past the foul pole. However, the Polo Grounds became better suited for football due to the new seating placement. The later his career went, the more he fancied hitting down the right-field line; of his final 96 home runs, 81 of them were hit at the Grounds. After the wooden fourth version of the Polo Grounds burned down in early , Giants' owner John Brush hastily ordered reconstruction of the facility using permanent concrete and steel materials. This was not much of an issue in the " dead ball era " of baseball. In , for example, the baseball Giants only drew 1. The Giants' first night game at the stadium was played on May 24, Whereas he had lost his ballpark a year before to a newly paved street, he was now about to lose the bulk of his roster to a newly formed big league circuit. The quirks continued in the gaps. Where Polo Was Actually Played. This structure was recessed to be flush to the back of the bleachers, leaving playing space in front of it—resulting in the furthest distance from home plate not only at the Polo Grounds but in all of baseball at the time, as much as feet. Although the structure was laterally symmetrical, the Polo Grounds' extremely elongated shape and strange design elements created a very asymmetrical and funky field layout. By the early s, some bleacher sections encroached on the field from the foul lines about halfway along left and right field. When he returned a month later, he hit his second. The Polo Grounds lacked class and formality, absent of the palatial entrance that graced other ballparks of its time; you either took a deep set of stairs down from the Speedway to get in on the home plate side, or you stepped off the elevated train and ramped your way into the bleachers. After the Yankees acquired Babe Ruth from the Red Sox in , they were quickly and permanently transformed into a winning dynasty. The way you're pitchin', the right field section will be gone already! The Polo Grounds belonged in a "freak show," utterly unlike any other baseball stadium ever built. As early as , the rumors had begun to swirl. Beginning of the End. All 26 games occurred at home, in the midst of a game homestand. The Players League, badly underfunded, folded after just one year. The Giants, intrigued by what San Francisco had to offer and intent on preserving the longstanding Giants-Dodgers rivalry, decided to follow suit and pack for the West Coast as well. The name was changed to Palm Springs Stadium in Surviving the long walk—or in this case, the long sprint—clear across the field to the clubhouse behind center field.

Polo grounds field dimensions

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The Lost Ball Parks

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  1. At the time, batters did not wear helmets. Before its reconstruction, only Babe Ruth ever reached the centerfield stands; after only four players would reach the distant centerfield bleachers.

  2. The loss of their park forced the Giants to look quickly for alternative grounds. However, after the team's first practice, the schedule, that began with an opening day game against the Massillon Tigers , was scratched because of conflict with New York's blue laws.

  3. He tore down the grandstands and sold off the wood, while the field became a tall, weed-infested wasteland. This was all the more notable given how the franchise staggered through the s with uneven results and little noise at the top of the standings.

  4. Columbia University and Yale University , two of American football's oldest teams, played football in the original th Street Polo Grounds in the 19th century, for some games which were expected to draw large crowds, including the Thanksgiving contests in and

  5. This resulted in an extreme disparity of field dimensions unlike anything seen in a major league ballpark; as the Polo Grounds giveth, the Polo Grounds taketh away. The Brickley Giants were originally formed with the intent of competing in , and having all of their home games held at the Polo Grounds.

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