Can i have sex after rhinoplasty surgery

And do not make the excuse of skipping your meals because most of the medications that will be prescribed for you are best taken with a meal. You are now better equipped with the proper information on what you should be avoiding to make sure you get a new nose that is healthy and beautiful. So, lay off the steak for a while and eat fish instead. After all, sex can be an embarrassing subject to bring up.

Can i have sex after rhinoplasty surgery

That is why efficient post-operative care is extremely crucial in ensuring that your new nose recovers healthily in the shortest time possible so that you can go back to your regular day-to-day activities. One of these is to stop drinking alcoholic beverages. Avoid wearing t-shirts for the first two weeks. Try opening your mouth when sneezing. Just make sure that the nose is kept dry. You can return to your regular exercise regimen at best after the third week. Also, nose discharge may also occur with the first two weeks. Just make sure that you do not drench the cast on your nose. This is also a good way for you to try on different food that you may not have tried before. It is best that you eat food that will require you to exert less effort in chewing. Waiting to have sex until they are healed can considerably reduce risks. The Bottom Line on Getting Back to the Bedroom While following these suggested timelines can be a good starting point, the best way to find out if you are ready to have sex after your procedure is to talk with your plastic surgeon. Make sure that you ease in performing these activities and gradually return or increase your exercise performance within three weeks thereafter. This also includes bending, pulling, pushing or any activity that will require you to exert pressure and effort. Top tips for recovery Here are the 5 most important tips to help recover as fast as possible: Please remember avoid any positions that may cause a bump on the nose! Patients may begin light walking at days, start flying days following Rhinoplasty Concern for flying is about dryness so make sure to humidify your nose frequently during your flight , and wait about days before vigorous exercise. With a few exceptions, most patients can safely return to light sexual activity within a few days or weeks. Alcohol also thins the blood and increases the risk of excessive bleeding. We often get asked about what is the optimum recovery time to resume having sex after Rhinoplasty. Avoid any non-essential medications such as aspirin or any medications that thin the blood. You can use a damp cloth to clean your face. Taking note of these things will increase your chances in achieving a healthy recovery and healing process. If your recovery is smooth and uncomplicated, expect to wait three to four weeks to have sex after a tummy tuck. Contact sports, like basketball and volleyball, should also be refrained within 4 to 6 months for the very obvious reason that you do not want your new nose to be hit by a bouncing ball. One thing that you should do, though, is to keep yourself hydrated with water.

Can i have sex after rhinoplasty surgery

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After surgery, when can a patient have sex again?

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  1. Epstein has his patients wait several weeks instead of several days. Be sure to pay attention to your incisions—they are prone to infection and bleeding if not properly taken care of.

  2. It is best that you do not poke around the insides of your nose with a Q-Tip or tissue to clean it. So, approach your doctor when your instinct tells you there is something wrong.

  3. The most important thing is never to be embarrassed asking these questions to members of our team at Berkeley Square Medical. So, lay off the steak for a while and eat fish instead.

  4. But, if you feel like something is wrong with how you are recovering, do not ignore it. Ice packs, should be applied to the cheeks for the first 2 days after surgery Keeping your head elevated will whilst resting will help reduce swelling and speed up the recovery process.

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