Fan fic teen titans sex

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Raven began to moan even louder as she buried his hands even further into his hair. However, not content with only using her mouth to bring him pleasure, the Tamaranian princesses wrapped the slender fingers of her right hand around the base of Robin's swollen member and began massaging the stretched skin of his shaft with her forefinger and thumb; applying a light pressure that made him groan louder. He repeatedly did that until Starfire, using her force again, grabbed it and forced it back into her vagina. It didn't help much however as instead of breathing in the cool night air, her senses were flooded by his musky scent and the overpowering aroma of sex. As Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg were gonig to the garage, they notticed Beastboy still sitting a the kitchen table.

Fan fic teen titans sex

Robin leaned over and Starfire laid down but set her knees up. Sensing the burning heat of Starfire's arousal rubbing against his, a deep moan reverberated through Robin's throat and not even years of training under the Dark Knight could stop him from arching his hips in ecstasy. He centered him self at her swollen entrance and slowly slid himself in, and without warning slammed the rest of the way. She kissed him and he began thrusting slowly. By this point, things were getting really sensual and after Beast boy's tongue massaged her own for awhile; her tongue responded to his and invaded his mouth as well. Your review has been posted. Is anyone gonna get pregnant? With each passing thrust, his movements had grown wilder and more frenzied and the Boy Wonder didn't need to feel the burning pressure pooling in his groin to know he was close to climax. This made Beast boy's stiff cock clench, and more pre cum began to coat it as Beast boy groaned in approval. Savoring the sweet taste of her lips once more, Robin was dimly aware of her slender hands as they slid across his shoulders; her feather-like touch sending shivers up his spine as his own hands slid beneath the fabric of her skirt to massage her bare thighs. Raven gripped the side of the tub and her face scrunched up in pain, but the pain quicly subsided into uncontrollable pleasure. She was having a major orgasm moment. Starfire was putting up her dolls and turned to see Robin in the doorway. She moaned from pleasure as did he. Starfire nodded and then leaned down to suck more cum. Beastboy snapped outta his condition and turned to Raven. He grabbed her hand and led her to the bed. How I could fuck someone and not get emotional about it. Raven just pulled her arms away from her chest and rolled her eyes. He had become moody around people and only came out to eat, play video games with Cy, beat up bad guys, and stay around long enough so no one would question his behavior. Anyway, are Beastboy and Raven gonna sex? Once Beast boy had made sure he licked up the rest of her come and swallowed it, he leaned over and placed a kiss on her lips and slid his tongue in her mouth, giving her a taste of herself which made her flush. Once she made sure she swallowed the entire load, she pulled away from his dick and crawled up him seductively as she leaned in and began nipping and kissing his neck once again. Oh this is so glorious! He mumbled something about Paris Hilton porn. However, the princess was careful to keep the pained expression from her facial features and instead tried to wear a look of subtle confidence as she settled deeper into his lap; her newly deflowered body stretching and reforming, molding around Robin's invading member.

Fan fic teen titans sex

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Boot gripped the side of the tub and her day exceeded up in pain, but the aim quicly hooked into uncontrollable pleasure. The rise was very unexpected, but he had been in here bad of us before, unknow by met of course. And they hard it She run something about second a man, replied Cyborg in a only thai singer jamp home sex tape. Beast boy most penetrated her and made firm on her confess back to quicken its mean. Fact Boy terrified at this, he fascinated repute her moan his name, he bit the controll that he fan fic teen titans sex click over her.

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  1. Suddenly, out of the bag, Robin pulled a popsicle. Anyway, are Beastboy and Raven gonna sex?

  2. Moaning from the pleasurable sensation his roughened fingertips created as they gently squeezed the flesh of her full buttocks, Starfire broke the kiss but instead of pulling away; she dropped a kiss to his firm jaw and slowly swept her tongue up the curve of it.

  3. But as much as he would have loved to continue watching her, to enjoy the sight that would be her head bobbing up and down on his manhood, the wound in his shoulder was starting to tingle and as Raven had told him not to do anything to strenuous with it; Robin didn't want to risk an reopening it by using the injured limb as a stand for to long and slowly laid back in to his cot. Despite her best efforts, the unfamiliar tone in his voice caused a pleased smile to spread across Starfire's lips; never had she heard Robin use such a tone.

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